MM: {MeSha Moments}: #69~ The Walk Alone

There is a road you will have to take alone. This walk is for your sanity and no one else's. As much as you want company on this journey, no one seems to fit the bill so far.

Over the years, you have given your love and time to potential suitors. While the beginning seems so unimaginable and surreal for you to be blessed with this bliss,  the end result remains the same. The love does not feel the same or there is a selfish person draining you of energy, sure that you will be waiting on the shelf collecting dust.

As with all silver comes the tarnish and either it is cleaned and renewed or sold to the next customer to make new again. But there is just that process of leaving your past buyer. Did he or she appreciate you once? And if so, why not now? Why allow you to have a feeling of being worthless in their lives? Now comes your walk. It is the time you spend mending yourself. And what seems like loneliness is only your path that you must walk...ALONE. There is a difference.

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #68~The Freaky Wifey Material?

Do freaks cum out at night? Or do they dare linger in the kitchen with the pots and pans? Many assume that the freaky women are less tasteful or not deemed to be "wifey material". Are they too busy lurking for that perfect penis to know or be concerned with the task of cooking and cleaning? If this is the case, should we also assume that your average female homebody who prides herself in culinary delight, a working woman's 9 to 5, tending to the children and cleaning her home does not engage in the most erotic of sexual acts and favors?
Speaking from both sides of the fence, it has come to my attention that "you are welcomed as you enter". Now, don't assume that if you enter in a sexual manner, that you will be treated as street puntang (please be aware that spell check did not disagree) nor disrespected or you may not receive that wifey material treatment, whatever the hell that is. Then turn the tables. When you show your wifely duties in the beginning, th…

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #67~The Word HELP!

What does it mean? It sounds great to HEAR when someone wants to HELP you. The load of bullshit on my plate that can be relieved by just a little bit of... HELP. If someone HELPS, that means that I don't have to do it. HELP! Help can be a wonderful thing if given by the right people...
But when I have heard the word HELP in the past of an unknown party and the offering of someone's HELP is accepted, it always goes wrong. This HELP comes with a tag of intentions that are not revealed until it's too late. You've accepted the HELP, the terms were agreed, the HELP is given and a bunch of blood-soaked marbles come rolling out of the helper's pockets ie. HIDDEN AGENDAS!
It is my advice and experience to avoid this random HELP from a person you don't know and have never met. Things can go real wrong real fast. Keep in mind that everyone deserves a shot at being on the winning team and maybe their intentions are greater than you could ever imagine, but are you willing to…

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #66~The Manipulation of The Bull

In the beginning, there is love, care, tenderness and understanding. The relationship is fresh and new. As the beginning grows into a middle, a bond has been secured and the loyalty is visible. But as the end comes near, a certain stale taste lingers on the tongue and the appreciation has fizzled away. It's time to say goodbye.
You will see what I did here when I explain further and you read on...
Instead of hurting someone's feelings, you must force their hand to break the seal of a bottle formed. The bull is governed by the red fabric and made to go a different route. But this was not a sexual relationship. It was a bond in business! LET GO! -Viva Ze Bool

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #64~The Cluttered Mind, The Messy Life

You would think that it all begins in a room, the pile of stuff, the junk you forgot to clean, the mess you made. Or is it the mess you allowed others to make, after parties, after dinners, after conversations? Either way, you have to stop and clean it up before you move on to something else. You have to clear away anything that doesn't belong or doesn't belong to you.... But are we still talking about a ROOM?

Clutter starts in your mind but it can expel or spill over into a room, leaving it dirty and hard to focus on what you need to do. It is very difficult to clean and organize items in your life if your mind is running 8 different ways and 3 types of crazy.

Your clutter may have began long ago or recently so let me hand you a broom and dust pan, maybe a mop? Let's think back...After the parties were toxic people who made their way into your personal space and somehow found a common ground and a reason to stick around. When dinner was over, their were no dishes, just asso…

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #63~The Misuse of the Word TIME

TIME. Many of us use the word TIME out of context. TIME... Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock... We treat time as if it doesn't exist in the lives of others until it is YOUR time that is being utilized. We fail to take into account the the time is others is just as, if not more, valuable than yours. TIME. Did you schedule a time or made a TIME COMMITMENT that you chose not to agree to or dedicate to keeping your word about that specified time? Or do you lead others to believe that they do not fit into your time or maybe they don't fit into your life. Be honest with people about TIME by just saying I DON'T WANT TO. I CAN'T DO THAT. I WILL NOT COMMIT DOING THIS OR THAT. Don't chose to blame things on TIME or create and invisible schedule to avoid assisting another. Just say NAW BITCH! I don't want to. But many of us will let TIME take the fall. Time is doing it's part in life just by committing to the hours and minutes of a clock, by adding those hours to create days, by…

MM: {MeSha Moments}: #62~The Red Lie

You've heard of the 'little white lie'? A little white lie is said to be a minor, polite or harmless lie. A white lie can be excused because it doesn't cause great harm. But we all know that those little lies can grow into bigger lies just to cover up the little lies...
So what is A RED LIE? This type of lie falls into a different category and for some reason is found to be acceptable and tolerated....A red lie is a statement told with complete awareness that the other person knows the statement to be false. This type of lie is often told and accepted to avoid the fallout that might occur from dealing with reality.
People are known to tell these lies, knowing their poker face is visible and hoping the other party believes the bullshit and to keep from hurting the other person while we sit, listen and accept but in our heads KNOW.... YOU ARE A LIAR!!!! Why do we not correct this behavior? well... to avoid hurting the other person? This has to stop. Here is where you CA…